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New College Course Uses Lake Superior as Climate Change Example

This spring, a new course will present college students who are interested in natural resources management with examples of climate change from the Lake Superior region. The two-part course, offered through the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point (UWSP) with funding by Wisconsin Sea Grant, is open to students from other campuses as well.

Researchers Find Meteotsunamis are an Underrated Hazard in the Great Lakes

A team led by University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers has found that small, one-foot, tsunamis caused by thunderstorms (meteotsunamis) happen more than 100 times per year on the Great Lakes. Also, larger meteotsunamis of nearly three feet occur once per year on average. Meteotsunamis are single waves similar to, but smaller than, tsunamis caused by earthquakes or landslides. Instead of being caused by seismic activity, meteotsunamis are formed by strong storms that move over the water.

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