We [Heart] Actinobacteria

Backed by funding from Wisconsin Sea Grant, UW-Madison researcher Trina McMahon has become the worldwide authority on the key bacteria in freshwater lakes.

Plastic Pollution Headlines River Talk Series

The first River Talk of the season, “Big and Small: Plastic Garbage in the St. Louis River, Great Lakes and Pacific Ocean,” is scheduled for Wed., Oct. 12 at 7 p.m. at the Iron Mug Coffee & Ale House (1096 88th Ave. W., Duluth, Minn.), Lorena Rios Mendoza, associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Superior, will describe her research project about micro- and macroplastics in the St. Louis River and other waterways.

A Ray of Light

How quickly can sunlight break down contaminants in the St. Louis River Estuary? A Wisconsin Sea Grant-funded researcher aims to find out.

Sea Grant Photography Project Focuses Kids on Water

An underwater photography project designed to engage troubled children in freshwater science is showing such success that the founders are working to expand its reach to youths in coastal communities.

Capitol Hill Briefing on Coastal Economic Resiliency Planned

Jim Sharrow with the Duluth Seaway Port Authority will be one of three speakers on Capitol Hill on Sept. 21. Sharrow, director of port planning and resiliency, will speak about the port’s successful economic activities and his work with both the Wisconsin and Minnesota Sea Grant programs on the beneficial reuse of dredged material and finding answers to the issue of freshwater corrosion of steel structures in the harbor.