New Video on the Great Lakes Legacy Act

Sea Grant’s John Karl collaborated with Caitie McCoy with Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant to produce a new video that details the processes and successes of the Great Lakes Legacy Act. The U.S. EPA project brings communities together to clean up contaminated sediments in the Great Lakes basin.

Rip Current Awareness Week is June 2 – 9

Nationwide, each year more than 100 drownings are the result of rip currents. Rip currents can occur at any surf beach with breaking waves, including Great Lakes beaches.

Mapping Aquaculture in Wisconsin

UW-Stevens Point graduate student Allen Brandt develops an interactive GIS tool to help would-be fish farmers successfully site their businesses.

Predicting the Toxicity of Metals to Great Lakes Coasts

Using a single-celled alga, a team of UW-Madison researchers have discovered key factors in predicting how and at what levels copper and cadmium harm the shoreline environment of the Great Lakes, and what protective measures coastal organisms adopt in response. That’s allowed regulatory agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency to refine tools to protect Great Lakes coastal regions from the metals.