Marie’s (Fish) Cheeks

Fish not only have cheeks, they have cheeks you can eat! Science Communicator Marie Zhuikov offers a new recipe for them.

Slowing down for science

Join our Manitowoc Fisheries Outreach Specialist, Titus Seilheimer, as he takes a breather to appreciate spring.

A conference field trip to a bar links river and art to community

Science Communicator Marie Zhuikov did not go into a bar at 10:30 a.m. to drink. She was on a field trip that’s part of the St. Louis River Summit. Bars aren’t typical locations for conference field trips. However, this one in West Duluth was chosen for several good reasons. The old paintings that line its walls are one of them. The other reasons involve the bar’s importance to the community and links to the restoration of the St. Louis River Area of Concern.

Ciscoes, Sweden and Sustainability

What do cows and Sweden have to do with Great Lakes fish roe? Find out by reading about Sharon Moen’s favorite 2023 project.