Predicting the sturgeon spawn

Jenna, our new science communicator, discusses her soft spot for sturgeon and her quest to see them spawn in Wisconsin this spring.

Art as a Voice for Science

Environmental science painter and muralist Adam Swanson described how he mixes art and science for the April River Talk.

Aquatic invasive species management through people management

Natural resource management issues often boil down to people management issues. To make meaningful progress in aquatic invasive species management issues, human behavior must be taken into account. Intersections between natural and social science is the theme of a recent article written by Wisconsin Sea Grant’s Tim Campbell and University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Bret Shaw.

Green Infrastructure for Community Health

Gardening has been shown to be good for our physical and mental wellbeing. This year, why not plant a garden that will also improve your community’s health?

Great Lakes Julie

For National Poetry Month, our science writer turns a saltwater song into a freshwater one.

The Great Lakes BioBlitz

Everyone’s invited to celebrate Earth Day with the kickoff of the Center for Great Lakes Literacy’s 4th Annual Great Lakes BioBlitz.