Flood Resilience Scorecard

What is the Flood Resilience Scorecard?

The Flood Resilience Scorecard is a comprehensive, whole community-approach focused tool that can be used to evaluate flood vulnerability through three different lenses: environmental (Module 1), institutional (Module 2) and social (Module 3). Public officials are encouraged to complete all three modules; however, each can be considered independently if only certain portions are of interest. Each module is broken into five sections comprised of a series of multiple-choice questions. Based on responses to these questions, the scorecard provides a set of recommendations for decision-makers that could help improve community flood resilience as well as provide other local benefits.

Why Use the Flood Resilience Scorecard?

The state of Wisconsin’s abundant water creates innumerous benefits to residents but can also lead to detrimental, and, at times, devastating flooding for communities. Flood events not only damage physical infrastructure but also lead to numerous adverse health impacts, especially for the most vulnerable populations. To mitigate the effects of flooding, it is in a community’s best interest to put preventative measures in place, but it can be tricky to know where to start. This tool is designed to help communities more easily identify what makes them most vulnerable to flooding and what actions they can take to increase their resilience.

Download the Flood Resilience Scorecard: Full PDF

Download individual modules:

Module 1: Assessing Environmental Features of Flood Vulnerability

  • Use this module to examine flood vulnerabilities related to natural and physical landscape characteristics

Module 2: Developing Sustainable Community Policies and Plans 

  • Use this module to look at governmental and infrastructural capacity and policy content

Module 3: Building Social Resilience Through Outreach and Partnerships 

  • Use this module to examine the cultural and socioeconomic sources of vulnerability as well as community partnerships.

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Other Resources (coming soon):

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Database of Scorecard Outcomes

This project has been led by a collaborative partnership between the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and Wisconsin Sea Grant.