Strength in Boat-Inspection Numbers

In 2011, UW Sea Grant-funded AIS experts and inspectors reached more boaters and anglers than last year–in part because there were more of them.

Streaming, Invasive-Style

Not content to merely disrupt the Great Lakes’ ecosystem, round gobies have invaded Wisconsin’s rivers and streams. UW Sea Grant researchers Jake Vander Zanden and Matt Kornis are trying to track the gobies’ potentially devastating impact.

AIS-Fighting Efforts are Doing Wisconsin Proud

UW Sea Grant’s Tim Campbell provides a run-down on a recent statewide aquatic invasive species coordinators’ meeting. From awareness-raising public presentations to working with the Boy Scouts, there are a lot of good things happening.

Andren Calls It a Sea Grant Career

After nearly three decades of guiding UW Sea Grant in new and exciting directions, Anders Andren announces his retirement and reflects on his sizable accomplishments.

How Well Do You Know Your Beach?

As part of a three-state Sea Grant program project, UW Sea Grant will survey Milwaukee County beachgoers about where they’d like to get real-time information about the Lake Michigan beaches they use.

Real-Time Wave Information for Kayakers in the Apostle Islands

Kayaking at the mainland sea caves in the Apostle Islands? Before you leave Myers Beach, check out this web site: It gives you the wave height at the sea caves just 30 minutes ago. Remember, waves at the sea caves can be much, much larger than at the beach.