The leaders of tomorrow

Episode 7, 8/24/22

The leaders of tomorrow

For this episode, we criss-cross Wisconsin to talk to ten young people about the future. These young individuals, from the age range of middle school to college graduates, are all passionate about the environment; whether that is focus on the Great Lakes, sustainability, waste, water or environmental justice.

The Great Lakes are an incredible fresh water resource, and our region will only become more relevant as the climate changes and landscapes throughout the country become dryer. Our young guests are part of a generation that will inherit a world shaped by past decision makers.

First, we visit Henry and Charlotte in Pulaski, Wisconsin, and Madison. Then, Bonnie speaks to TRUE Skool students from Milwaukee about their concerns about lead in drinking water, food security, agriculture, and environmental justice. We speak to UW-Madison students Jumana and Paige about Indigenous water priorities and the environment in our backyards. Finally, we talk with Wisconsin Student Climate Action Coalition founding members CJ and Natalie, who are finding their place in the environmental movement after college.

In the current era of climate crisis and intense change, these impressive young advocates speak to their experiences, concerns and hopes for the future and encourage everyone, no matter the age group, to make a difference.

Thanks to our guests

Henry, Pulaski, WI
Charlotte, Madison, WI
Chassidy, TRUE Skool, Milwaukee, WI
Eli, TRUE Skool, Milwaukee, WI
Jada, TRUE Skool, Milwaukee, WI
Stephanie, TRUE Skool, Milwaukee, WI
Jumana Tanner, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Paige Skenadore’21, University of Wisconsin-Madison (alum)
Natalie Brunner’20, University of Wisconsin-Madison (alum)
CJ Koepp’21, University of Wisconsin-Madison (alum)


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