Water decontamination

Water decontamination can help prevent the spread of AIS.  Watercraft decontamination is considered any steps in addition to a visual inspection and draining water. Ways to carry out watercraft decontamination include drying, a decontamination unit, pressure washing or chemical solutions. 


When should you consider decontamination? 

Details on when and how to decontaminate your boat and the Clean Boat Guide Decontamination Flow Chart.


Legal guidance

As interest in watercraft inspection and decontamination (WID) grows, there is an increased risk that someone might be injured or a boat damaged during the decontamination process. This can raise concerns that the person or organization performing the decontamination could be held liable for any injury or damage that occurs.
Download Wisconsin WID Liability Fact Sheet


Decontamination protocols 

Clean, Drain, Dry is just the beginning. Learn the best ways to prevent the spread of AIS.