Sea Grant staff project faves, Tim Campbell

As 2020 winds down, we asked staff members at Wisconsin Sea Grant what their favorite project was this year. Although work was a bit more challenging than usual due to our altered work circumstances, everyone managed to stay productive, and even find fulfillment.

Tim Campbell. Image credit: Wisconsin Sea Grant

In our second-to-last post in this series, Tim Campbell, our aquatic invasive species outreach specialist, chose a project that hugged the timeline border between 2019 and 2020. His two-minute Eat Wisconsin Fish video was produced in 2019 but posted in 2020. Helping Campbell put it together were Titus Seilheimer with Wisconsin Sea Grant and Bret Shaw with University of Wisconsin-Madison Extension and the Life Sciences Communication Department.

Campbell said, “It was fun to get to pretend I was some sort of cooking personality for the day, and it was nice to step outside of my aquatic invasive species world. If I weren’t helping people clean off their boats or finding new homes for their pets, helping them eat more Wisconsin fish would definitely be an enjoyable way to spend my time!”

Campbell also chose a runner-up favorite project. This one hugs the timeline border, too – although it’s the 2020-2021 border. He finished a year-long process of getting a paper on the potential invasion pathway of Buddhist life release accepted in the Management of Biological Invasions.

“We submitted the paper in February, revised and resubmitted in August, and found out at the beginning of December that it was accepted. I’m looking forward to being able to share that in 2021,” Campbell said.