Radium and Strontium Researchers Take a Seat at the Table

Episode 38, 11/2/21

Radium and Strontium Researchers Take a Seat at the Table

You take a seat at the table for a meal in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, and may have a glass of water to accompany the entrée.

If you are University of Wisconsin-Madison Civil and Environmental Engineering Professor Matt Ginder-Vogel and graduate student Amy Plechacek, each with your tumbler full of water, you are turning to a different kind of table than a dinner table. You are at the periodic table of elements. You want to understand what’s in your glass; how the interactions between water and rock in Fond du Lac County might result in naturally occurring contamination of public drinking water wells and nearby private wells.

As part of a currently funded project through the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute, the pair has looked at municipal and well drinking water pumped from the Cambrian-Ordovician Aquifer System underlying parts of the Midwest, including this region of Wisconsin.

Matthew Ginder-Vogel. Image credit: UW-Madison College of Engineering, Dept. of Civil Environmental Engineering

Amy Plechacek. Image credit: Submitted photo

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Matt Ginder-Vogel, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Amy Plechacek, University of Wisconsin-Madison


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