Lutefisk Wars!

Sharon and Marie discover there are different camps that can get a little feisty when it comes to cooking this traditional holiday fish. Wisconsinites of Swedish and Norwegian descent feel strongly about their favorite preparation methods for lutefisk. We were invited into the home of Mary Childs in Port Wing, Wisconsin, to talk about cooking options, along with Mary’s friend Marge Ogren. We also discuss other holiday fish dishes.

In the second, “Fish-o-Licious” part of the show, we actually eat a lutefisk lunch with Mary and Marge.

Our guests, Mary Childs and Marge Ogren. Image credit: Marie Zhuikov, Wisconsin Sea Grant

A lutefisk lunch (lutefisk with cream sauce, boiled potatoes, cranberry sauce and rye bread). Image credit: Sharon Moen, Wisconsin Sea Grant

Thanks to our guest

Mary Childs and Marge Ogren, Port Wing, Wisconsin


Marie Zhuikov | Host

Senior Science Communicator

What I do at Sea Grant

Marie writes about Great Lakes water issues, Sea Grant activities and research. She also works on podcasts, oversees the Wisconsin Sea Grant blog, and takes photos. She works in collaboration with program scientists, outreach specialists and institute staff to build water science literacy. Prior to joining Wisconsin Sea Grant in 2012, Marie worked for Minnesota Sea Grant for 15 years.

Sharon Moen | Host

Eat Wisconsin Fish Outreach Specialist

What I do at Sea Grant

Sharon Moen provides information, trainings and opportunities so that people can make science-based decisions when producing, procuring, marketing or eating fish, especially in Wisconsin. She works with commercial fishers, food-fish producers and fish consumers so that Wisconsin can better support sustainable fisheries industries and improve human health. Prior to joining Wisconsin Sea Grant to focus on the Eat Wisconsin Fish initiative, Moen worked for Minnesota Sea Grant for over 20 years.