A pretty fishy work experience

Members of the Sea Grant communications team toured Sea Grant-related projects on Lake Michigan to learn more about the benefits of wild rice on the lake’s ecosystem.

The ever-changing ecosystems of the Great Lakes

Continuing our series of posts celebrating our 50th anniversary, we check with in Fisheries Specialist Titus Seilheimer to discusses how his field has changed over the years and how he hopes to see it progress.

Lota facts about the Lota lota, a counter-Shark-Week tale

Shark Week, Aug. 9 -16, is a cherished annual tradition. Communications Coordinator, Moira Harrington, presents a counter-Shark-Week look at a denizen of the sweetwater seas. This Shark Week 2020 edition offers five facts about the burbot.

Asian carp dispersal barrier elicits emotions

Communications Coordinator Moira Harrington and others recently visited the electrical barrier in the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal. Read her first-hand account of all that stands between the Great Lakes and an invasion of Asian carp.