Module 2: Processing data to create a GBM model

Preparing Data to Create a GBM Model

Open the Preparing Data for the GBM Model (PDF) directions. Watch the Processing Data to Create a GBM model video for an illustration of this module.

Download the file: VB_Training_Data_GBM.xls. This file contains data from Blue Harbor Beach, Sheboygan, Wisconsin, collected from 2009 to 2016 which will be imported into Virtual Beach while working through the “Preparing Data for the GBM model”, the training module posted above. 

Download and extract: VB_Blueharbor_DataPrep-GBM zip file: Virtual Beach project file with alongshore and onshore calculations and manipulations saved. Your project file should look like this after finishing the “Preparing Data for the GBM Model” training module.