Sea Grant staff project faves, Anne Moser

Anne Moser. Image credit: Wisconsin Sea Grant

As 2020 winds down, we asked staff members at Wisconsin Sea Grant what their favorite project was this year. Although work was a bit more challenging than usual due to our altered work circumstances, everyone managed to stay productive, and even find fulfillment.

Anne Moser, senior special librarian and education coordinator, said the “Explore Lake Sturgeon” project was her favorite for 2020.

“Having the opportunity to experience a fish dissection was an experience I’ll never forget. Over my years working at Wisconsin Sea Grant, I have participated in several projects that help tell the conservation story of this iconic fish species and this was the best! It gave me deeper understanding of the power of ‘hands-on’ learning and will hopefully be a useful tool for our cohort of talented Great Lakes educators during these months of distance learning,” Moser said.

If you’re not squeamish, you’ve got to check out the video of Anne helping to dissect a young sturgeon.