Carl J. Weston Memorial Scholarship Winners

Thanks to the generous legacy left by Dr. and Mrs. Carl B. Weston, the Carl J. Weston Memorial Scholarship awards talented undergraduates $750 in financial support. The undergraduates must be conducting research under the guidance of a principal investigator on a Sea Grant project.

Here, we record the list of current and past winners.

Year Winner(s)
2018 Loretha Jack, Briana Shea, Chelsea Volpano
2016 Cristal Sanchez-Estrada
2012 Katilyn Taylor, Morgan Schroeder
2011 Kathryn Ballard
2010 Alex Gooding, Sue Zanne Tan
2008 Jeremy Bates
2006 Caitlin Carlson
2005 Lili K. Prahl
2004 Meghan Olson
2002 Joseph Weber
2000 Sarah Pabian
1999 Andrea Droppo
1998 Sarah LaMartina
1997 Andre Taddeini