Wisconsin Sea Grant flies its biennial report flag

Wisconsin Sea Grant today shared an online version of its 36-page  2018-20 biennial report. It highlights Sea Grant outreach, education and research projects; financial information; a list of academic papers and other information products; leadership details; and a rundown of fellows, interns, partners and collaborators.

“For the 10,000-year-old Great Lakes, time passes in seemingly the blink of an eye. Yet, our contemporary years can feel like time stretches long, particularly the tumultuous months of 2020,” said Moira Harrington, Sea Grant’s assistant director for communication and editor of the report. “We’re pleased to be able to share this in-depth look at 2018-20 research discoveries and basin-wide impact that are critical to maximizing the benefit of collaborative effort of partners to best meet Great Lakes’ needs.”

The report takes on a true nautical theme, with semaphore flags on the cover and navigation flags throughout. Designer Yael Gen said of the report, “In the past, we commissioned a photographer to create images based on a theme. But because of the pandemic, that couldn’t happen. We came up with the idea of using signal flags, and after a few minutes of researching the flags, I could visualize the entire report in my head. All I had to do was get it down on ‘paper.’ ”

The report is not entirely without photography, however. Featured, for example, are the Lake Michigan Kenosha Dunes, underwater photography by youths and a northern Wisconsin supper club showcasing a classic Friday night fish fry fueled by farm-raised or wild-caught fish from state waters.