New teaching tool available about Great Lakes fish

What makes a steelhead trout different from a rainbow trout?* For answers to this and other fishy questions, simply grab the Fish-o-pedia Pack. These new educational packs are filled with materials to help teach students and other groups about Great Lakes fish.

Each pack includes life-size vinyl cutouts of 12 native and non-native Great Lakes fish. The pack also contains cards filled with facts and figures about each species. Another resource included is the book, “The Life of the Great Lakes: A Guide to the Great Lakes Fishery,” by Michigan Sea Grant.

Get a sneak peek by downloading the Fish-o-pedia Guide. The packs are available by request from your local Great Lakes Sea Grant program. In Wisconsin, that person is Senior Special Librarian Anne Moser, or (609) 262-3069.

The packs were created by Wisconsin Sea Grant with Center for Great Lakes Literacy funding from the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

*Answer: Although steelhead and rainbow trout are the same species, steelhead spend most of their time in one of the Great Lakes or the ocean as adults. Rainbows spend their time in rivers or streams.