Hurley reflects on time at ASC

In February, Jim Hurley will assume the role of director of the environmental health division at the State Lab of Hygiene. In this position, he will lead scientific and research activities in the areas of environmental chemistry and microbiology, radiochemistry, toxicology and chemical emergency response.

In February, Phil Moy becomes the acting assistant director for research and outreach. Moy has been the advisory services manager for UW Sea Grant and the outreach specialist working on fish and fisheries, and aquatic invasive species.

Before moving on, Hurley offered two self-identified highlights of his ASC tenure: creation and implementation of the 2006-10 Sea Grant outreach work plan, and the 8th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant, which took place in Wisconsin.  

Hurley also believes he will be able to soften the blow of departure from activities and people he has valued through the years. He said, “There are still plenty of collaborative opportunities with Sea Grant, the Water Resources Institute and my new job,” citing environmental monitoring and research as overlapping organizational missions. Plus, he intends to keep a hand in national and statewide climate change initiatives.

“Through my time at ASC, I hope we made a difference by supporting research, education and outreach that promotes sustainable use of Wisconsin’s water resources,” Hurley said.