Eat Wisconsin Fish cooking videos feature unlikely stars

You might think they’re professional chefs, but the stars of two new cooking videos focusing on Wisconsin fish are none other than Wisconsin Sea Grant’s Tim Campbell and Titus Seilheimer.

Campbell, an aquatic invasive species outreach specialist, and Seilheimer, a fisheries outreach specialist, graciously agreed to demonstrate recipes for Sea Grant’s “Eat Wisconsin Fish” project. Campbell prepares a hearty salmon BLT, and Seilheimer whips up pan-fried rainbow trout with a homemade rub and a lemon butter sauce.

In both cases, they’re using fish that is sustainably farmed in Wisconsin, shining a light on Wisconsin’s aquaculture industry. The recipes can be found on the Eat Wisconsin Fish Facebook page and website, as well as Sea Grant’s YouTube channel. The printable recipes on the website offer wild-caught alternatives that will also work in the recipes. (Find the BLT recipe here and the pan-fried fish recipe here.)

Titus Seilheimer is one of two Wisconsin Sea Grant staffers featured in new “Eat Wisconsin Fish” cooking videos.

Said Seilheimer, “I don’t normally play a chef in front of the cameras, but I really enjoy cooking fish and other meals at home. Most of my work as a fisheries specialist connects with Wisconsin’s commercial fishing industry, but I also get to help the aquaculture industry, too. We are fortunate to have great options for both wild-caught and farm-raised fish here in Wisconsin.”

Eat Wisconsin Fish began in 2014 as a way to highlight the bountiful fish available in Wisconsin, both caught by fishermen on the Great Lakes and raised by Wisconsin farmers. Its website also contains resources for people who like to catch their own fish, such as Sea Grant’s popular “Fish ID” guide.

The project’s larger goal is to create a safe and sustainable seafood supply to meet consumer demand, as well as fostering informed consumers who understand the health benefits of seafood consumption and how to evaluate the safety and sustainability of the seafood they buy.

Give the videos a watch; you just might be inspired to make fish for dinner tonight!