Waterfronts Past and Present: Learn How Engineers Design with Nature

The R/V Neeskay will be the site of a workshop for teaching professionals this August. Submitted image.

Wisconsin Sea Grant is excited to announce its 2023 in-person Great Lakes literacy professional learning workshop for formal and nonformal educators in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Over the course of two days, August 16-17, educators will work alongside each other, engineers, scientists and Sea Grant educators to take a deep dive into coastal engineering. 

The workshop will explore how coastal engineering can shape and strengthen our coasts and shorelines, using Milwaukee and its Lake Michigan shoreline as a case study. It will include time aboard R/V Neeskay giving a unique perspective to the engineering transformations of the community. Educators will be introduced to activities and lessons to bring back engineering to their learners. The content is best suited to educators working at the middle and high school levels.

A full agenda will be provided shortly. Both experienced and educators new to Great Lakes literacy are encouraged to apply. Stipends will be provided to cover attendance and travel.

Fill out an application today! Deadline is June 15.