1975 Willow Drive
Madison, WI 53706-1103

Phone: 608-262-3069

Anne Moser

Senior Special Librarian and Education Coordinator

What I do at Sea Grant

Anne Moser joined Wisconsin Sea Grant as a special librarian in February 2008, after 20 years working as an environmental librarian. She manages Wisconsin’s Water Library, an outreach library whose mission is to collect and preserve library collections and provide library services in support of the mission of Wisconsin Sea Grant. In addition, she coordinates hands-on experiences and resources for formal and informal educators and works to further the mission of Wisconsin Sea Grant to increase Great Lakes literacy across a broad spectrum of people.

Year Joined

B.A., Spanish and art history, Colby College, Maine

M.A., Library and information studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison


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Moser, A. (2018) Blurring the Edges of Disciplines: Bringing Art and Science Together. In: Barr, Dorothy, Editor, "Blurring the Edges: The Osmosis of Ideas", Proceedings of the 43rd IAMSLIC Conference, held in Honolulu HI USA from 22-26 October 2017.

Jurries, S. and Moser, A. (2021) Explore Great Lakes Shipwreck Stories
Smith, P. and Moser, A. (2021) Explore Aquatic Invasive Species and Shipwrecks
Moser, A. and Seilheimer, T. (2020) Explore Lake Sturgeon, Explore Burbot, Explore the Caddisfly
Moser, A. and Bender, A. (2020) Plastic Panic
Moser, A. and Seilheimer, T. (2019) Fish-O-Pedia Pack. Wisconsin Sea Grant.
Moser, A. and Kiefer, V. (2018) Dive into Great Lakes Shipwrecks! The Silver Lake.
Kurth, L., A. Moser, K. Kline (2017) ROVe Pack: A Grab and Go Tool. Wisconsin Sea Grant.

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