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We appreciate the generous gifts from those who support our mission.

Wisconsin has a wealth of water: 6.4 million acres of Lakes Michigan and Superior, 15,000 inland lakes, 32,000 miles of streams, more than 5 million acres of wetlands and 1.2 million billion gallons of groundwater.

Through the Wisconsin Sea Grant and Water Resources Institute Fund, you play a direct role in safeguarding and sustainably using these aquatic treasures.

Tax-deductible gifts made to this fund support multidisciplinary research, education and outreach. Sea Grant and the Water Resources Institute have already:

  • Refined methodology to pinpoint the sources of contamination in private wells across the state protecting the health of families.
  • Earned a U.S. patent on a method to raise yellow perch year-round and meet family and restaurant demand for the popular fish.
  • Made progress in the battle against the more than 180 non-native aquatic species now at home in the Great Lakes, causing economic and environmental disruption.

There is so much more to be done and your support makes it possible:


For nearly 70 years, the UW Foundation has been the official gift-receiving arm for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and other schools within the University of Wisconsin System.

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If you have questions regarding the Wisconsin Sea Grant and Water Resources Institute Fund, please contact Moira Harrington, assistant director for communications, or (608) 263-5371.