Wisconsin Sea Grant 2023 Great Lakes Champion Award

Those eligible for the Wisconsin Sea Grant 2023 Great Lakes Champion Award are a group, program, organization, business or individual demonstrating exceptional commitment to and work on behalf of the Great Lakes. This award will be conferred every two years. 

In 2021, the inaugural Wisconsin Great Lakes Champion Award, went to Dean Haen, director of the Brown County Port and Resource Recovery Department in Green Bay. 


Groups, programs, organizations, businesses and individuals are encouraged to self-nominate. Sea Grant also encourages nominations on behalf of those individuals or entities by another individual.

Nominations are due June 14, 2023, midnight CT.  Criteria to address:

  1. A demonstrated commitment to the Great Lakes through some or all of these factors: dedicated actions, facilitated education or enacted policies that have resulted in the conservation and sustainable use of lakes Michigan and Superior, and the rest of the basin, if applicable.
  2. Long-term consistent care and concern for the Great Lakes in keeping with the Wisconsin Sea Grant mission—promoting the sustainable use of the Great Lakes through research, education and outreach. The nomination could also address actions in support of the program’s vision statement—thriving coastal communities.
  3. Leadership in some or all of the following areas: cultivating freshwater partnerships; fostering collaborative action on behalf of Great Lakes issues; enhancing environmental justice, diversity and inclusion in the basin; or service built upon trust and transparency.
  4. A contribution to accomplishments in some or all of Sea Grant’s focus areas: healthy coastal ecosystems, sustainable fisheries and aquaculture, resilient communities and economies and/or environmental literacy and workforce development. 

Questions or comments? Contact Moira Harrington moira@aqua.wisc.edu