‘EnDDaT’ Tool: Tips and Hints

The Environmental Data Discovery and Transformation (EnDDaT) is a service used to access data from multiple sources, compile and process the data, and perform common transformations. This tool was developed by the USGS and has the ability to be directly linked within Virtual Beach. Use these videos and tools to learn how to access, transform, and download historical and real-time Virtual Beach inputs (e.g., rainfall, tributary discharge, waves, and currents).

Check out this training video that introduces you to using EnDDaT and how it works with Virtual Beach.

For details on how to calculate wind, current, and wave magnitudes within Virtual Beach or within EnDDaT, download this file: Wind, Current, and Wave Magnitude: VB vs. EnDDaT (PDF)

To create urls specific to your beach, use this Excel file: EnDDaT URL creator

Filter Files:

To gather historical data from EnDDaT for specific dates when bacteria results are also available, create a filter file to only gather data needed. Instructions and explanations about this process can be found at the Data Processing section of the EnDDaT user guide page. 

Download this example EnDDaT ‘filter file’ to see a sample filter text file.
Download this text file for instructions on how to process dates and times into a properly formatted text file.