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FUN FACT: Did you know that some insects and spiders are also divers?

Other air-breathing creatures are divers too. Like humans, whales and dolphins are mammals and have to breathe air into their lungs to survive, unlike fish that get oxygen directly from the water. Whales and dolphins, of course, live in the ocean and dive all the time. But did you know that some insects and spiders are also divers? Here are a few examples:

Have you ever seen those beetles that skate around in circles on top of the water in ponds and lakes? If you watch them long enough, you may see them dive under the water. When they do this, they take a bubble of air with them that gets trapped between their body and wing covers. They breathe this air while underwater, then come to the surface again when they need more.

Another diving insect is the larva of the drone fly, which looks like a little round worm, but lives on the muddy bottoms of ponds. These larvae are equipped with a very thin tube that emerges from their body and telescopes out in length until it might be 10 times as long as their body! When they need air, they send this tube to the surface to get it. You might say they have their own built-in snorkle.

on spiders who dive!