This information is intended for Wisconsin faculty members (or persons having principal investigator status) and students from the University of Wisconsin System or another Wisconsin college or university.  Non-Wisconsin investigators should go to the National Sea Grant College Program website to find the Sea Grant Program for their state. More information on student fellowships, including a series of podcasts containing fellowship application advice and experiences from past fellows can be found at our Student page.

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Carl J. Weston Memorial Scholarship
The University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute is pleased to announce the Carl J. Weston Memorial Scholarship, established in 1995 by Dr. and Mrs. Carl B. Weston.  This $750 scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student working on a Wisconsin Sea Grant-supported project.

If you have had an undergraduate student working with you over the past year or anticipate hiring one in the Fall semester, kindly notify them of this opportunity. The scholarship application must include:
  • A copy of the student's academic record (transcripts)
  • A personal statement from the student explaining their career goals and how the Sea Grant-supported research they are doing is contributing to their personal and academic growth and future career goals
  • A letter of support from a lead investigator on a Sea-Grant supported project
The deadline to submit applications is July 16th, 2018.

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Hauxwell at