• Side view adult.
  • Side view adult.
  • Side view adult.
  • Top view adult.
  • Bottom view adult.
  • Head-on view adult.
  • Close-up flank.
  • Close-up head.
  • Close-up mouth and snout.
  • Close-up tail.
  • Close-up dorsal fin.
  • Close-up anal fin.
  • Close-up pectoral fin.
  • Close-up pelvic fin.
  • Notice that the troutperch has an adipose fin.
  • Close-up mouth: The mouth is subterminal.
  • Close-up flank: The flanks show spotted or blotched sides with 47-52 lateral line scales.
  • Close-up pelvic fin: The origin of the pelvic fin is anterior to the end of the pectoral fin.
  • Close-up mouth: The mouth is subterminal.
  • Close-up dorsal fin: There are two felixble spines that appear similar to the rays, but are unbranched at the tips.
  • Side view of a young-of-year: Juveniles are similar to adults.
  • Side view of a yearling: Juveniles are similar to adults.
  • Alternate side view of an adult.
  • Alternate view of the head area.
DescriptionSimilar Species
Troutperches (Percopsidae)
Mouth and snout: Subterminal, horizontal to slightly oblique, with minute teeth on upper and lower jaws. No barbels. Body patterning, color, and scales: Spotted or mottled with irregular blotches; black or dark brown spots or blotches (sometimes faded or faint in live fish) on silver, gray, olive, or light brown; cream on belly. 47-52 lateral line scales. Fins lightly pigmented. Body shape and size: Body fusiform; round or slightly oval in cross section. Typically 50-100 mm (2-4 in) TL; maximum about 150 mm (6 in).
Tail, dorsal and other fins: Forked tail. Single dorsal with two spines and 10-11 rays. Pelvic fins abdominal. Adipose fin present. Anal fin with 1 spine and 6-7 rays.
Distinguishing Characteristics
The trout-perch can be distinguished by the spines in its dorsal, anal, and pelvic fins, ctenoid scales, and the origin of the pelvic fin, which is underneath the middle of the pectoral. The troutperch has an adipose fin. See also similar species information.
Breeding Adults
Similar to non-breeders.
Similar to adults.
Compare Similar Species
Dorsal Spines
Ruffe11-16 dorsal spines
Trout-perchTwo dorsal spines
Whitefish, PygmyNo spines
Whitefish, RoundNo spines
Origin of Pelvic Fin
RuffeSlightly back from anterior of pectoral fin
Trout-perchUnderneath of pectoral fin
Whitefish, PygmyWell back from posterior end of pectoral fin
Whitefish, RoundWell back from posterior end of pectoral fin
Adipose Fin
Whitefish, PygmyPresent
Whitefish, RoundPresent
Whitefish, PygmyCycloid
Whitefish, RoundCycloid
Similarity Index
RuffeModerately similar
Whitefish, PygmyModerately similar
Whitefish, RoundModerately similar