People of the Sturgeon Book - Available as a Hardcover or Audio Edition

Ordering information is included below for both the hardcover edition and the audiobook.

Lake sturgeon—ancient fish native to the Great Lakes region that can grow to be nine feet long—have teetered on the brink of extinction since the late 19th century. But in Wisconsin, careful management for more 100 years has allowed one population to thrive. People of the Sturgeon is a history of the cultures surrounding lake sturgeon in Wisconsin waters, particularly in the Lake Winnebago region, with the hardcover book offering a fascinating collection of photos, artifacts, and a few good fish tales. The audiobook brings to life the sounds of the Menominee Indian Tribe, spearers on frozen Lake Winnebago and even the sturgeon themselves. 

The hardcover book can be ordered through the Aquatic Sciences Center online publications store. 

The audiobook is also available for online order. 

Both versions of the book are published by the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. In addition to UW Sea Grant, other key partners on the book projects are the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences and Sturgeon for Tomorrow.


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