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Wisconsin Water News

Wisconsin is a state shaped by water. From its western border defined by the Mississippi River to two of the five lakes that make up the world’s largest freshwater system to its north and east, the state is awash in this valuable commodity. The interior is defined by more than 15,000 lakes scattered across counties both rural and urban, more than 5 million acres of wetlands, more than 84,000 miles rivers and streams and 1.2 quadrillion gallons of groundwater.

Two Wisconsin programs provide a statewide and multidisciplinary approach to supporting livelihoods and enhancing lifestyles through the research of, education about and outreach focused on those waters. These programs are the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute and the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This new podcast series, Wisconsin Water News, highlights stories previously only available in print from these programs. Series Narrator and Science Communicator Marie Zhuikov brings the stories alive by featuring in-person and phone interviews of the people behind the news.

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Playlist for Wisconsin Water News

  1. Episode 1: Providing a “Road Map” for Aquaculture in Wisconsin   (4:39) — 5/17/2018 [Download]
    If you plan to start an aquaculture business in Wisconsin, you’re in luck. Wisconsin is one of the only U.S. states that is mapped out with the aquaculture industry in mind. The mapping tool is available on the Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility's web site. Chris Hatleb, professor of fisheries biology at the UW-Stevens Point, describes what it can do, and what it can’t.

  2. Episode 2: The Art and Science of Sturgeon  (7:34) — 5/17/2018 [Download]
    A professor’s concern about the condition of the ocean’s coral reefs translated into a unique melding of freshwater art and science once he found himself in the Great Lakes after living in Japan. Learn about how University of Minnesota Duluth’s Ryuta Nakajima curated an art exhibit about sturgeon that’s available to show across the state. Also interviewed is Anne Moser, Wisconsin Water Librarian, who is coordinating venues.

  3. Episode 3: Sea Grant Helps City Clean Up its Zoning Code “Monster”  (5:09) — 5/17/2018 [Download]
    The city of Superior is beginning a process, led by Wisconsin Sea Grant’s Julia Noordyk, to review and update city codes and ordinances to reduce stormwater pollution. Hear what Superior Mayor Jim Paine thinks about this effort to make his community more sustainable.

  4. Episode 4: Wild Rice is Focus of a Grant for Outreach Efforts in Lake Superior States  (4:48) — 6/19/2018 [Download]
    Sea Grant Programs in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota will receive federal funds to create a Manoomin (wild rice) toolkit. Leading the effort in Wisconsin will be Deidre Peroff, Wisconsin Sea Grant’s social scientist. Hear what Native American elders have to say about what wild rice means to them.

  5. Episode 5: Research in Real Life: Wisconsin Teachers Cruise Lake Ontario  (5:34) — 7/7/2018 [Download]
    Two Wisconsin teachers joined a dozen others from around the Great Lakes on a week-long research cruise this summer on Lake Ontario with scientists. We spoke with them before their trip aboard the R/V Lake Guardian from Buffalo, New York, to Youngstown, New York, and asked them about their plans for bringing their new watery knowledge back to their classrooms.

  6. Episode 6: Wisconsin Clean Marina Program Granted a Boatload of Money  (6:37) — 8/27/2018 [Download]
    A three-year grant of $200,000 will help Wisconsin’s Clean Marina Program last into the future and will encourage more boat marinas to reduce any negative impacts from their operations in Lake Michigan. In this episode, Wisconsin Sea Grant’s Julia Noordyk and the Wisconsin Marine Association’s Michelle Shrider describe what the grant means to the program. Vicki Elkin with the Fund for Lake Michigan explains why her program was willing to provide funds for this important work.

  7. Episode 7: Milwaukee River Race Proceeds Swimmingly  (5:27) — 9/4/2018 [Download]
    In the first swim held in the Milwaukee River in potentially 100 years, 68 people entered the water for a mile-and-a-half race. All but one finished, and nobody got sick. Hear the details from Kirsten Shead with the Milwaukee Water Commons and Deidre Peroff with Wisconsin Sea Grant.

  8. Episode 8: College Course Uses Lake Superior Watershed as a Climate Change Example  (7:10) — 10/23/2018 [Download]
    Students from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point received a personal look at current and future impacts of climate change through a new field class the college offered and Wisconsin Sea Grant sponsored. They met with Matt Dahlman of The Nature Conservancy at Caroline Lake Preserve near Mellen, Wisconsin. Then they tromped through the woods for a climate change game with Steven Handler of the U.S. Forest Service. Afterward, they traveled to Odanah to meet with Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission staff. Find out what they learned during their adventures!