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UW Sea Grant Videos
Check out a sampling of our videos. They feature partnerships and collaboration, science for the Great Lakes and underwater vistas.
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Playlist for UW Sea Grant Videos

  1. Growing Fish in Green Houses  (3:45) — 5/6/2009
    Milwaukee's Growing Power, a community-based urban food center, is using plants as natural water filters for raising yellow perch. Read More...

  2. Sturgeon Spearing on Lake Winnebago  (6:30) — 4/14/2010
    Sturgeon spearing has its roots in the customs of many of the Native Americans who lived in the Great Lakes region long before Europeans arrived in North America. Read More...

  3. What Will Round Gobies Do To Great Lakes Streams?  (5:34) — 11/16/2011
    Beginning in 2007, using funding provided by University of Wisconsin Sea Grant, UW-Madison ecologist Jake Vander Zanden and UW graduate student Matt Kornis set out to discover just what kind of impact the gobies might be having. Using nets and a portable electro-fishing system, Kornis and a team of student researchers sampled and analyzed goby populations at 150 different stream locations along Wiscosins' Lake Michigan coast. Read More...

  4. How Many Sport Fish Can Lake Michigan Support?  (6:29) — 9/1/2011
    Harvey Bootsma and John Janssen, Wisconsin Sea Grant-funded professors at UW--Milwaukee's School of Freshwater Sciences, have their sights on the waters close to shore. Read More...

  5. Shipwreck Exploration - Saturday  (2:03) — 6/23/2012
    Day 3 of mapping the Australasia shipwreck.

  6. Revitalizing Local Waterfront Economies: The Great Lakes Legacy Act  (10:50) — 5/29/2013
    The Great Lakes, a vital asset to 35 million residents, have a legacy of pollution due to our nation's industrial past. The Great Legacy Act revitalizes rivers, lakes, and harbors, known as Areas of Concern, helping to restore lost benefits. This video outlines the Great Lakes Legacy Act and highlights benefits it brings to communities. Read More...

  7. Ancient Oaks Tell Climate Stories  (1:00) — 5/30/2014
    Oak trees in Wisconsin provide a record of rainfall going back 300 years. They're helping us understand what to expect in the next three centuries. This research is led by Evan Larson, a dendrochonologist (tree ring scientist) at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.