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People of the Sturgeon
The Secrets of Sturgeon - This playlist consists of clips for the audiobook version of People of the Sturgeon: Wisconsin's love affair with an ancient fish. Read more...
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Playlist for People of the Sturgeon

  1. Chapter 1 Clip 1  (1:02) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    Author Kathleen Schmitt Kline's narration sets the scene.

  2. Chapter 1 Clip 2  (50) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    Ron Bruch, another of the book's lead authors, talks about the justification for People of the Sturgeon amid the sounds of opening day for spearfishing.

  3. Chapter 1 Clip 3  (1:00) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    The voice of EarthWatch radio joins with Kathy Kline to share historical and biological information about sturgeon.

  4. Chapter 2 Clip 1  (0:53) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    The Lake Winnebago sturgeon population avoided the overfishing issues that collapsed other sturgeon communities. Kathy Kline explains why.

  5. Chapter 2 Clip 2  (0:56) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    Why are fish populations regulated and controlled by the state? You'll understand after listening to this clip.

  6. Chapter 2 Clip 3  (0:53) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    The debate over loosening restrictions on ice fishing has always been contentious...dating back to the Great Depression.

  7. Chapter 3 Clip 1  (0:53) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    When can you have a spear in the fishing shack? Wisconsin's "Mr. Sturgeon," Ron Bruch, runs it down.

  8. Chapter 3 Clip 2  (0:58) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    The Menominee tribe's preferred strategy for spearing sturgeon, as described by a visiting Dominican missionary in the 1830s.

  9. Chapter 3 Clip 3  (0:58) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    The ritual of sturgeon spearing: "Like trying to shoot a duck while looking up through a chimney." Listen to the sounds of a successful catch.

  10. Chapter 4 Clip 1  (1:15) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    Vern Gebhart of Hilbert, Wisconsin carves sturgeon decoys as a hobby. As he notes, it takes 20 to 30 hours to make each one.

  11. Chapter 4 Clip 2  (1:07) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    A sturgeon-spear maker takes up the family tradition.

  12. Chapter 4 Clip 3  (1:20) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    "If you can carve duck decoys, carve me a sturgeon decoy." Appleton's George Schmidt, who carved his first sturgeon decoy way back in 1955, talks about his "hobby".

  13. Chapter 5 Clip 1  (0:42) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    State fish biologists gather to catch, tag and measure sturgeon. Including a team from Georgia that's hoping to repopulate the Tennessee River.

  14. Chapter 5 Clip 2  (0:55) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    "The more you work with these critters, the more you love 'em." Despite a failed experiment in sturgeon-egg husbandry, the enthusiasm of Wisconsin fish biologists isn't dampened.

  15. Chapter 5 Clip 3  (0:59) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    The group Sturgeon for Tomorrow raises money to support activities like the Sturgeon Guard, who patrol the Wolf River during spawning season. Through 2008, the group's five chapters have raised a whopping $750,000.

  16. Chapter 6 Clip 1  (1:08) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    The Wolf River is home to the sturgeon--or, as the Menominee call it, nama'o. Trace the river's origin from a trickle in Northern Wisconsin to the heart of Lake Winnebago.

  17. Chapter 6 Clip 2  (0:55) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    "It's been self-rewarding:" Standing at the base of Sullivan Falls, Kathy Kline interviews Don Reiter about the genesis of the Menominee tribe's plans to restore the sturgeon population.

  18. Chapter 6 Clip 3  (0:57) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    The origin of the Menominee Fish Dance, created to honor the sacred sturgeon.

  19. Chapter 7 Clip 1  (1:22) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    UW Sea Grant aquaculture specialist Fred Binkowski takes to the air, using radiotelemetry to track the movements and location of tagged sturgeon as part of a 25-year rehabilitation and restocking project.

  20. Chapter 7 Clip 2  (1:20) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    Is it an earthquake? The sound of an impending storm? No--it's the thunderous sound of sturgeon spawning.

  21. Chapter 7 Clip 3  (1:23) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    Hear the tale of Porkchop, a tank-raised sturgeon with a voracious appetite.

  22. Interlude 1  (1:12) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    Wondering who's providing the great background music for the People of the Sturgeon audiobook? Allow us to introduce you to Graminy.

  23. Interlude 2  (1:01) — 9/8/2011 [Download]
    The Menominee tribe have an immense respect for the sturgeon. Here's a clip of the sounds and music of an authentic Menominee pow-wow.