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Earthwatch Radio - Water Quality
Earthwatch Radio was inspired by Wisconsin U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day. Launched in 1972, it was the first radio program in the nation to concentrate on environmental news. When the last show aired 35 years later, this award-winning program had become the longest-running program of its kind. Read more...
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Water Quality

Playlist for Earthwatch Radio - Water Quality

  1. Legacy in Long Island Sound  (2:00) — 1/26/2006 [Download]
    Cleaning up coastal areas today might stir up pollution from the past.

  2. Gas Pressure  (2:00) — 11/16/2005 [Download]
    The Rocky Mountain West is feeling the pressure of America's voracious appetite for energy.

  3. Weedy Waters  (2:02) — 10/12/2005 [Download]
    We might be changing some waterways forever with the fertilizer we use to grow our food.

  4. Simple Conquest  (2:01) — 10/07/2005 [Download]
    The sea squirt is spreading far and wide, and it looks like we're doing a lot to help it.

  5. Finding a Way to Pay  (2:00) — 6/16/2005 [Download]
    We'd be more careful with the environment if we had to pay for the work it does, according to a leading ecologist.