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Earthwatch Radio - The Great Lakes
Earthwatch Radio was inspired by Wisconsin U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day. Launched in 1972, it was the first radio program in the nation to concentrate on environmental news. When the last show aired 35 years later, this award-winning program had become the longest-running program of its kind. Read more...
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The Great Lakes

Playlist for Earthwatch Radio - The Great Lakes

  1. New Look at the Gales of November  (2:03) — 11/6/2006 [Download]
    Weather experts draw a new picture of a legendary storm on the Great Lakes.

  2. Way Down Deep  (2:00) — 9/18/2006 [Download]
    Scientists use a robot and a vacuum cleaner to check out fish at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

  3. Bird Herder  (2:02) — 9/4/2006 [Download]
    The City of Chicago is using dogs to herd birds and keep them away from public beaches.

  4. Quagga Mussel Mess  (2:01) — 5/11/2006 [Download]
    A tough foreign mussel is taking territory away from another foreign critter in the waters of Lake Michigan.

  5. Disordered Eating  (2:01) — 4/13/2005 [Download]
    A common fish in the Great Lakes is struggling with an eating disorder.

  6. Parting the Waters  (2:00) — 3/10/2006 [Download]
    Great Lakes experts look at ways to stop invasive species by parting the waters.

  7. Deterring Diversions  (2:03) — 1/18/2006 [Download]
    A new agreement will prevent large diversions of Great Lakes water out of the basin.

  8. Shock Therapy with Saltwater  (1:59) — 10/17/2005 [Download]
    Shippers use shock therapy to clear stowaways out of ballast water.