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Earthwatch Radio - Coastal Communities
Earthwatch Radio was inspired by Wisconsin U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day. Launched in 1972, it was the first radio program in the nation to concentrate on environmental news. When the last show aired 35 years later, this award-winning program had become the longest-running program of its kind. Read more...
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Coastal Communities

Playlist for Earthwatch Radio - Coastal Communities

  1. Turtles in Trouble  (2:01) — 2/14/2006 [Download]
    Scientists say green sea turtles are too popular in Nicaragua.

  2. Windmills in Lake Michigan  (2:00) — 3/9/2005 [Download]
    Wind farms along the shores of Lake Michigan could produce a lot of electricity and a lot of opinions.

  3. Strange Trip  (2:04) — 10/15/2004 [Download]
    A five-month trip up the East Coast reveals irony, odd behavior and questionable judgment in how people deal with the environment.

  4. Off Season  (2:01) — 8/10/2004 [Download]
    A mid-winter journey up the East Coast reveals bits of America frozen in the past.