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Earthwatch Radio - Aquaculture
Earthwatch Radio was inspired by Wisconsin U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson, the founder of Earth Day. Launched in 1972, it was the first radio program in the nation to concentrate on environmental news. When the last show aired 35 years later, this award-winning program had become the longest-running program of its kind. Read more...
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Playlist for Earthwatch Radio - Aquaculture

  1. Fishing after the Tsunami   (1:59) — 3/2/2006 [Download]
    Tsunami relief efforts could help develop sustainable fishing in communities around the Indian Ocean.

  2. New Fish for Old Rigs  (2:01) — 8/24/2005 [Download]
    Some people say old oil wells in the Gulf of Mexico might become business incubators for another wet enterprise.

  3. Farming the Ocean   (2:01) — 7/14/2005 [Download]
    Fish farmers might soon be working out at sea and miles from shore.

  4. Carnivores Down on the Farm   (2:00) — 6/13/2005 [Download]
    Researchers say the people who run fish farms might benefit by raising more vegetarians.

  5. An Appetite for Fish  (2:04) — 6/18/2004 [Download]
    A biologist says New York could and should become famous for its fish farms.