Wisconsin Sea Grant Frogs: Answers to Catch the Frog Quiz

1. What frog's loud call can be heard up to a half-mile away?
Western Chorus Frog

2. What frog or toad species will puff itself up, urinate and secrete a mild toxin if you pick it up?
Eastern American Toad

3. What frog can "throw its voice" like a ventriloquust?
Spring Peeper

4. What frog smells like rotting onions?
Mink Frog

5. What frog can cover a horizontal distance up to about 35 times its body length in a single leap?
Blanchards Cricket Frog

6. What frog's legs might end up on your restaurant dinner plate as an appetizer?

7. What frog is particularly sensitive to pollution, and so is hard to find?
Pickerel Frog




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