What is origami? Where did it come from?

The Chinese created the art of paper folding in the first century AD, around the time when paper was first invented in China. In the sixth century, the secret of making paper was carried to Japan, and from Japan comes the word "origami." "Ori" means to fold and "gami" means paper.

Who is the guy behind the Superfrog?

A Professor of Civil Engineering at Texas A&M University, Jim Yao learned how to fold paper as a boy in Shanghai, China.

Jim Yao, late 1940s

A "lifelong student of origami,” Professor Yao has received many honors for his contributions in civil engineering applications of artificial intelligence and fuzzy logic; initiatives in engineering education; and structural safety.

He has used origami in classes to demonstrate structural stress and reliability. He has passed along the art of paper folding to many, and he continues to make origami for people to enjoy.

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