How to make an origami Superfrog page 3

12. Fold along diagonal (red crease) on right side so it looks like this:

13. Do the same on the left side.

14. Now fold outward along the right diagonal (gray line) so that your right side looks like this:

15. Do the same on the left side. Your Superfrog is now very close to being finished!

16. The next folds are what make your frog able to jump. Fold your frog in half along the red dotted line--

so it ends up like this:

17. Turn your frog so that the other side is facing you and it looks like this.

18. Now fold along the frog's back legs down along dotted red line.

19. Your completed frog now looks like this.

To make it jump, lay it on a hard surface like a table, and push down on the very end of its back (red x). (Make sure the legs are folded underneath your frog before you push!)
origami28.gif (8982 bytes)

Congratulations, you've made an origami Superfrog!

How far can your Superfrog jump? Tell us!

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