Just for fun
We are very pleased to note that as of Monday, February 19, 2007, many of you (21,513 to be exact) responded to our request to tell us what you like and how we can improve our Web site.

Just for fun we thought that we would share with you some of the comments we have received thus far. Thanks for your feedback!

"This was great fun and I actually learned something from just playin' on the internet.  I didn't know 9th graders could have fun doing these things! (9th grade student)

"I love frogs so I was thrilled to see that that was what was being discussed! It had quick loading time, eye catching graphics, and a bag of chips! "
(4th-9th grade student)

"I love the frog graphics. I never learned so much about frogs. Are the frogs in danger at the Great Lakes? In Indiana the pond frogs are disappearing rapidly arond the state. Is there a way to keep them from extinction? "
(4th-9th grade student)

>>Read more about why scientists are studying frogs in the Great Lakes area and what you can do to help.

"I think there should be some activities where you can create things like frogs etc."

>>Make an origami Superfrog that can jump. Try it!

"I tried your Super Frog and it goes about two feet. I can't wait to come back."
(Jessica, 4th-9th grade student)

"The super frog is so cool. It really jumps. It is really a super frog. At first it was really hard at first. But I finally got it. It is the neatest thing I ever seen."
(4th-9th grade student)

"This is a great web site. It is so easy to navigate. The kids had lots of fun here. The Origami superfrog is a BIG hit. I have frogs jumping all over the place! We went all over the entire site . . . Thanks for a great learning experience!"
(teacher, 4th-9th grade)

>>"Many thanks for sharing these comments with me. To date, the Superfrog is still my favorite [origami] because it really jumps a lot (with a push of course)."
(Professor Jim Yao, the guy behind the Superfrog)


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