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Bullfrogs are the largest frog species in North America, with adults growing up to eight inches long.

The bullfrog tadpole is big too - up to six inches long, including its tail! These tadpoles can take two years to mature into frogs. In fact, large bullfrog tadpoles sometimes can be seen through the ice in frozen ponds in winter.

the Bullfrog
(Rana catesbeiana)

Listen to its Call:
Males give a distinctive, deep "bur-rum"

Size: 9-20 cm in length (3.5-8 inches)

Green, olive, or brown with brownish spots on back and dark bands on upper legs; belly is white or cream-colored. Males have yellow throats, females white throats.

Any still, permanent body of water; bullfrogs are found throughout the Great Lakes region except along northern Lake Superior. They are common in golf course ponds in the upper Midwest.

Confusing Species:
Green Frogs have distinct dorsolateral folds extending at least partway down the back, and their adult size is smaller. The smaller, darker Mink Frog of the far north may lack dorsolateral folds but has rounded spots or lengthwise blotches on the upper surface of the hind legs and a musky, mink-like odor when handled.

Breeding: Mid-May into July

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