Implementing Dangerous Currents Best Practices

Project Lead: Michigan Sea Grant College Program– Jim Diana
Partners: Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program, Illinois State Coastal Management Program, Indiana Lake Michigan Coastal Program, Michigan Coastal Management Program, University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute, Wisconsin Coastal Management Program
Geographic Scope: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin

Dangerous waves and currents are the number one risk to recreational water users in the Great Lakes. This project will address the pressing need to raise awareness on how to recognize and respond to dangerous currents and will provide the latest products that can help save lives. The project will also develop long-term strategies that incorporate regional collaboration, as well as the latest technology into beach hazard messaging and outreach. Project managers will create new, consistent messages around dangerous currents and waves for Great Lakes beaches based on past experience and recent research. Beach safety equipment (e.g., life jackets, throw rings, throw bags, and rescue boards) will also be distributed along Great Lakes beaches with additional risk communication materials.