Development of a Coastal Storm Preparation, Adaptation, and Response Tool for Great Lakes Marinas

Project Lead: Ohio Sea Grant College Program – Sarah Orlando
Geographic Scope: Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

The Great Lakes coastal region experienced extensive storm impacts from Superstorm Sandy, resulting in massive infrastructure failures, to loss of property and more. While hurricane preparedness plans exist for many marinas found along other coastal areas of the United States that are more regularly exposed to hurricanes and large storm events (e.g., East Coast and Gulf of Mexico), these plans may not be applicable to the types of coastal hazards faced by Great Lakes marinas. To help prepare Great Lakes marinas for the risks associated with coastal storms, a regionalized ‘coastal storms preparedness, adaptation, and response’ tool will be developed to guide marinas in implementing long-term hazard mitigation. The tool will also provide marinas with the necessary planning resources to properly respond to hazardous storm events. The final guide will be shared throughout the basin via the Great Lakes Clean Marina Network and through regional workshops.