National Marine Fisheries Service - Sea Grant Joint Graduate Fellowship Program
This fellowship is open to U.S. citizen Ph.D. candidates who wish to pursue work in population dynamics and marine resources economics in a summer experience under the supervision of the National Marine Fisheries Service.

The four main goals of the NOAA Fisheries/Sea Grant Fellowship Program are:
  • To encourage qualified applicants to pursue careers in either population dynamics and stock assessment or in marine resource economics
  • To increase available expertise related to these fields
  • To foster closer relationships between academic scientist and NOAA Fisheries
  • To provide real-world experience to graduate students and accelerate their career development.

To help achieve these goals, each Fellow will be required to work closely with an expert (mentor) from NOAA Fisheries who will serve on the Fellow’s committee. The mentor may also provide access to research data sources and to working/laboratory space in a NOAA Fisheries research facility and/or research vessel, if appropriate.

The award for each fellowship, contingent upon the availability of federal funds, will be in the form of a grant or cooperative agreement.

Contact Wisconsin Sea Grant Assistant Director for Operations Terri Liebmann before completing an

application. If the application period is open, further details can be found here.