Actionable Science and You, the Sea Grant-Funded PI
If you have great examples or suggestions for resources that you would like to share, please send your ideas to Jennifer Hauxwell.

Credit: UW Sea Grant

Wisconsin Sea Grant Actionable Science Implementation Plan

To increase the impacts of our projects, we will take the following steps:

  1. An increased focus of our calls for proposals will be on the outreach component of a project.
  2. Research projects will be scored on their outreach component.
  3. We will provide researchers with support from our outreach and communications staff.
  4. We will encourage researchers to work with end-users throughout all phases of their research including project development.
  5. We will continue to encourage social science research and a coupling of social science with natural science in our calls for proposals.
  6. We will encourage researchers to expand upon their communication techniques to include stories, analogies and art.
Examples of “bronze” and “silver” medal outreach are illustrated.  We hope that support from Sea Grant staff, in addition to the following resources can help researchers move toward a “gold medal standard.”

Highlighted Wisconsin Sea Grant Projects

ASC Chronicle

ASC Publications Store

UW Sea Grant Podcasts

UW Sea Grant Videos

Additional Resources

We have compiled a tool kit of resources that may be useful for researchers interested in exploring both the challenges and solutions for achieving effective outreach and Actionable Science.

Organizations with Workshops and Resources
Examples and Ideas
Articles and Essays