Tubenose Goby
  • Side view adult.
  • Side view adult.
  • Side view adult.
  • Top view adult.
  • Bottom view adult.
  • Head-on view adult.
  • Close-up flank.
  • Close-up head.
  • Close-up mouth and snout.
  • Close-up tail.
  • Close-up dorsal fin.
  • Close-up anal fin.
  • Close-up pectoral fin.
  • Close-up pelvic fin.
  • Bottom view: Alternate view of fused pelvic fins forming a disk.
  • Close-up flank: Notice the scales on the flank.
  • Close-up dorsal fin: Notice the lack of a blotch at the posterior of the 1st dorsal fin.
  • Close-up pelvic fins: Notice that the pelvic fins are fused to form a disk.
  • Close-up head: Notice that the anterior nostrils are elongated and that they extend over the upper lip.
  • Close-up mouth: Notice that the anterior nostrils are elongated and that they extend over the upper lip.
  • Side view of a juvenile: Juveniles are similar to adults.
  • Alternate side view of live fish.
  • Alternate side view of live fish.
DescriptionSimilar Species
Gobies (Gobiidae)
Mouth and Snout: Slightly subterminal, wide and horizontal. Presence of jaw teeth uncertain, but small if present. No barbels. Snout rounded to blunt. Body Pattern: Mottled with irregular blotches, brown on a lighter brown, olive, or tan background with a cream or whitish belly. No lateral line; 44-48 scales along midline. Fins pigmented with gray or brown speckles or mottling. Body Shape: Body dorsal-ventrally flattened on ventral surface, especially anteriorly, but dorsal surface more rounded. Typically 35-65 mm TL (1.5-2.5 in); maximum 100 mm (4.5 in).
Rounded or square tail. Two dorsal fins, touching slightly, the anterior with about 6 flexible spines and the posterior with 1 spine and about 14 rays (adequate data unavailable to provide ranges for fin spine and ray counts). Pelvic fins fused to form disk. No adipose fin. Anal fin with 1 flexible ray and about 12 spines.
Distinguishing Characteristics
No large dark blotch on posterior portion of the first dorsal fin. Pelvic fins are fused. 4 gill rakers. Elongated anterior nostrils extending over the upper lip. Has scales. See also similar species information.
Breeding Adults
No data.
Similar to adults.
None reported.
Compare Similar Species
Blotch on Posterior Portion of 1st Dorsal Fin
Goby, RoundPresent
Goby, TubenoseAbsent
Elongated Anterior Nostrils Extending Over Upper Lip
Goby, RoundAbsent
Goby, TubenosePresent
Number of Gill Rakers on 1st Gill Arch
Goby, Round12
Goby, Tubenose4
Similarity Index
Goby, RoundVery similar
Goby, TubenoseN/A
Goby, TubenoseModerately similar to sculpins, but distinguishable by its pelvic fins being fused together to form a disk and in having scales; in sculpins the two pelvic fins are free and independent from each other and no scales are present.